Redesign over Renovate over Remodel

Oftentimes, home or business owners aren’t content with the space they have to work with, but don’t feel they can do much about improving it without making drastic changes and spending a great deal of money. Sometimes people think they need to remodel, but they may just simply need to renovate. In addition, sometimes people think they need to renovate, but they just need to redesign what they have.

Redesigning something can give it a whole new life. In cities like Houston or st. louis, interior design options are abundant, with firms taking on projects to make your home happier or your business more profitable. Sometimes, a facelift is all a room in your house or restaurant needs, and there’s no need to spend loads of money replacing cabinets or tearing down walls.

Redesigning can also become a group project for everyone involved, whereas with renovation or remodeling, the very specific skillsets required sometimes alienate those who want to help out but can’t. Choosing to redesign an office space for your employees can reinforce feelings of involvement and inclusivity among office workers when creating an enjoyable workspace together becomes a group project. It costs little and allows employees to personalize their space together.

Sometimes places like restaurants or cafes are simply a redesign away from improved business. Professional designers can improve atmosphere and business traffic by simply making the businesses of their clients more appealing to look at and more enjoyable to spend time in.

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A good redesign will also bring attention to certain business aspects that may have otherwise been hidden. In certain stores, all of the little impulse goodies are arranged near the cash registers, so you can look at and crave them while you wait your turn to check out. A little bit of design can go a long way.